The Frozen Few

Winter "Frostbite" Racing

Edgewood Sailing School and Edgewood Yacht Club support a vibrant fleet of over a dozen frostbite sailors who sail Sunfish on Sundays from October through April, including Columbus Day and New Year's Day regattas, and the annual "Up From The Ashes" regatta which commemorates recovery from club-house fire of 2011. Edgewood Sailing School can help you get safely started with this challenging and rewarding winter sport. The Frozen Few also welcome spectators to cheer on racers.


The Frozen Few return to the water on Sunday, November 5.

Registration, racing fees, and waivers are online this year. When you complete your registration, you will immediately have a chance to pay your racing fee by credit card. Electronic waivers will go out by email a few days before racing. You must complete this waiver before racing.

Note that a separate winter boat storage contract is required to keep your Sunfish at the yacht club. The Sunfish winter storage fee is $200 for EYC members or $250 for non-members. Please fill out this form and mail it to the club with your payment.

Race results for 2/18/24

Skipper \ CourseScore
1George S.2211118
3Zack33323DNF 519
4Rich G.4DNF 5444324

Race results for 2/11/24

Skipper \ CourseScore
1Bill S.3111219
3Chris Crane62335524
4Chris L.54671326
5George S.27743427
7Rich G.76858943
8Bob B.98597846
10Dave SaundersDNF 11DNC 11DNC 11DNC 11DNC 11DNC 1166

Race results for 2/4/24

Skipper \ CourseScore
3Chris Crane43337222
4Chris L.35874633
5Dave L.86563735
6George S.671049440
7Jeff94495DNC 1243
8Bob B.119656845
9Zack5DNF 12DNC 121010554
10Rich G.1010988954
11Dave Saunders787DNC 12DNC 12DNC 1258

Race results for 1/14/24

Skipper \ CourseScore
2Chris Crane22
3Chris L.33
4Bob B.44

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