This Week

This week find a boat, add skipper-crew, add water, and stir!

It's getting close, but we're still sailing: racing on Thursday, individual coaching weekday afternoons, the Bay Sail picnic to Barrington Beach on Saturday, and on Sunday, Sailing School end-of-season-pot-luck for new students and Sailing School Alums.

this week September 22 - 26 . . . . . . . .

  • Wednesday - recreational: "for Fun & Practice" 5:30-7:30 (Fall eve hrs/tuition)
  • Thursday - one-design racing at Edgewood - 5:30-7:30
  • Friday - recreational: "for Fun & Practice" eve - 5:30-7:30
  • Saturday - Picnic Sail to Barrington Beach (prep at 11am, depart noon)
  • Sunday - afternoon -  "for Fun & Practice" afternoon - 1:30-4:30
  • Sunday - evening  - Pot-Luck for new students and Alums (6pm)

Picnic Sail - Sat Sep 25 - gives you a totally new perspective on sailing, and on the delight of Narragansett Bay dressed in early fall colors. We prepare the boats (at 11am), then all sail away from Edgewood at noon to follow the ebb tide out. Picnic lunch off Barrington Beach (with a cruising-class keelboat on station as "Mother Ship" with amenities).  Then work back to Edgewood on the early part of the returning flood tide.  Plan to be on moorings by 7pm.  [Foul weather day is 9/26]

Pot Luck meet, greet and become an Alum. - Sun Sep 26 - 6pm-8pm in social room at Club.  Newcomers 2010 become real “Alums” of the Sailing School.  Sailors who started at Edgewood before that, who are already Alums, greet the new kids.  All have a cheerful time of it.  Plenty of action:

  • 2010 Awards and trophies: outstanding new sailor, and outstanding racing crew.
  • Good food (bring something to share)
  • Extra copies available of hats and text books and ESS t-shirts.
  • Opportunity to give the Instructors a piece of your mind; or say thanks for a swell time. 
  • Sign-up sheet available for Fall classes and volunteer days.
  • Forms to access an Edgewood Yacht Club social membership – and find out what all those people who got to use the Center Hall were having such a good time about.
  • Meet EYC members and share the Edgewood Yacht Club family hospitality, and enjoy football and football and football on the big-screen.

next week  . . . . . . . . . .

  • Oct 1 - Thursday afternoon - 2010 Hauling the Fleet.    
    At the end of the week, volunteers needed to clear the boats, un-step spars, help guide the boats off the crane onto trailers, and set the Fleet gently ashore, and start laying out maintenance projects.
  • Meanwhile, to brush up skills, there's Coaching for individual private-lessons in the afternoons Mon-Sat (appointment).



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