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Hurricane Volunteer team - continued call to be ready

When hurricanes move up the coast, Edgewood Sailing School volunteers have to be ready to move into action:  to gale-force preparation, or to full-hurricane level evacuation.  

Please check what's needed, sign up, and join the Team.  We did all right on Tropical Storm Earl.  The next one has to find us totally ready to batten down, or move the Fleet.

For a gale

  • our fleet is battened down, but remains on moorings.
  • Whalers are battened down, but remain at the dockside.

For a tropical storm

  • our fleet is battened down, but left on moorings.
  • One battened down whaler remains at dockside.
  • Other whalers come out on trailers, stored in the north parking lot.

For a hurricane

  • our fleet is hauled out, put on trailers and moved away to higher ground.
  • our dinghies (Optis, 420s, SunFish) move from parking lot boat racks to the top of Shaw Avenue hill, strung and anchored on the flank of the north and south lawns.
  • equipment in the Clubhouse is transported to safe storage area (rental truck)
  • we assist the EYC marina crew

If it's a hurricane and we have to re-locate to save the fleet, can you help?

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