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The Sailing School still NEEDS OUR HELP as the "Sails Pitch" moves into the second week

Raising the Sails in 2024 still needs our help.

April 1st, we started our campaign to raise funds to raise new sails for our Rhodes 19 fleet. We hope to rig each of our R19s with crisp, new Doyle mainsails & jibs.  These new sails will get intense use all season - June through September, in classes immediately, and on the race course, and while leisurely picnic cruising.

This April fund-raiser is off to a great start. Responses to help raise sails have been coming in all week.  Donations from enthusiastic alums, youth and adult families - - "sailing in."  But we're still way short of raising new cash for even the first third of the total, and so our Raising the Sails in 2024 Still Needs Our Help.   Tuition money is marked for "operations" and the money for these sails must make up the difference with donations from the people who benefit: the adults and youth families, and the fantastic Youth Starter Sailors.

All of these folks rely on our Rhodes 19 fleet.  Let's keep up the momentum. This "sails pitch" will only last until April 30.  And, if we all pitch in, we'll have the funds for all new mainsails & jibs in no time, and even beat our deadline!

Notes:  Classes for Adults  start on Saturday May 25.   Classes for Youth  begin Monday June 17.
On-line registrations for Youth and for Adults are open. 
Join ESS adult classmates, alumni, fellow parents, and esteemed friends of ESS in making this effort a success.

YOUR HELP IS IMPORTANT.  PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION of $25, $50, $63.49, $100 – or whatever works for you. Please link to make a secure on-line donation, or send a check to ESS at PO Box 25641, Cranston, RI 02905.

Many thanks from all the sailors at ESS!

The Edgewood Sailing School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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