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LABOR DAY WEEKEND - sail for free - celebrate September!

Start September with free weekend sailing to celebrate Labor Day!

  • Racing SUNDAY - practice & strategy - Sunday afternoon (free for the Labor Day Weekend) - informal sailing with crews organized from the dock.  Stress (minimal) and Social (maximum). [free this weekend]
  • Recreational Sailing - both FRIDAY evening and MONDAY afternoon. Let's take time on the water,  kick back and enjoy practing all those sailing skills.  [free this weekend]


  • 4-day Level-3, in just two weekends. All the tricks, bells and whistles that go with proper handling of the Rhodes.  
    Note: Tuition also covers sailing with a place in a Rhodes on the September 21-22 Greenwich Bay Adventure


  • 2-day cruise adventure, sailing to the far end of Greenwich Bay in your ESS Rhodes19 (and back the next day). Dinner ashore. Transportation will allow you to sleep at home, and return to the boats in the morning.

This weekend and the rest: four cool ways (dare we say *f*u*n* ways)  for all Edgewood sailors to cap (or uncork the joy of) this crazy summer.

  • Look for an email note from Jonathan about your sailing plan.  
  • Check the website for details and other stuff and,
  • See what makes September Sailing cool for Adults.

Best wishes –
from JH
and all the volunteers, Instructors and teaching crew at Edgewood.


  • sign up for Level-3 ("Sailing in Adverse Conditions") – Saturday and Sunday mornings, 9/7-9/8, 9/14-9/15 (9:00am-Noon). The third weekend of this class will take sailors aboard the Greenwhich Bay Adventure 9/21-9/22. (There is no additional cost for participating in the Greenwich Bay Adventure which is merged into this class.)

  • register for 2-day cruise Greenwich Bay Adventure – outbound: 9/21 (1:00pm - 6:00pm estimated) and/or inbound: 9/22 (9:00am-2:00pm estimated). One-way registrations encouraged, but subject to space availability.

  • get Your Own Personal Coaching (days or late afternoons) – Follow this link to set up almost any daylight time that is convenient for you. Takes 2 hours on the water.  Coaching to individual's skill or experience level, by ESS Instructors.

  • join Racing – most Sunday afternoons 1:30pm-4:30pm.

  • join Recreational  Sailing – most Saturday afternoons until the GBayAdventure.

  • join Saturday Volunteers – Saturday mornings  trailer maintenance, boat maintenance, equipment set up for season-ending haul-out.








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