This Week

VOLUNTEERS - pick up our toys - one more step to contain ESS

WORK UPDATE - call for volunteers Saturday 9-11am.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CREW !   THE CONTAINER HAS LANDED, BEEN LEVELED & RELOADED - equipment reloaded, footings dug out and leveled.  

ANOTHER CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS SATURDAY MORNING August 11 (9am-11am). Help move the  yard storage back behind the fence.

  • The container is landed and footings are dug out. All is re-leveled with help from the truck, and a small crew with jacks. Storage lockers are back in place.  Sails and equipment are sorted and re-packed, thanks to folks last week. Field closets are re-installed, thanks to a bunch of youth sailors.  
  • Next Job: Saturday we'll put EYC yard-storage back behind the fence. 
  • Saturday schedule is open. Come for as long as you can - Saturday 9am-noon.
  • No heavy lifting. 

Thanks – once again, this weekend, and all the time, it's still the volunteers who keep the Sailing School rolling ....


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