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YOUTH SAILING this summer

Dear Edgewood Sailing School families and friends:

We’ve heard from Governor Raimondo confirming what we all knew was coming, distance learning for the rest of the school year. Hopefully this will be a sufficient short- term sacrifice to allow us to begin a return to normalcy in the near future.

What does this mean about the possibility of Edgewood Sailing School opening this summer? We don’t know, of course, what the future holds for summer camps yet. But Rhiana and I have fully committed to the Sailing School Board that, given the opportunity by relevant state and local officials with practical and achievable recommendations, we will start up operations at most any point during the summer. Everyone involved with operating and guiding the Sailing School were unanimous that anything we can do to bring a sense of normalcy and comfort back to our youth is irresistible.

We will not call off summer programming at all until we obtain more guidance from the state. And we won’t call off the summer completely unless we’d have to start very late in the summer, for example some point in mid August when it doesn’t make sense to begin classes that close to (hopefully!) the normal school year. Whenever it starts, the programming may be subtly different depending on the challenges. But our programming will still provide the essence and goals of learning to sail, independence, accountability, learning and mistakes in a caring environment and most importantly, the social connections with peers.

We sincerely hope we have the opportunity to provide programming this summer and also the opportunity to further and more strongly connect with students’ families in achieving this goal. If you have questions as we sort all of this out, please holler. We are “around.”

Stay well,

Chris Crane
Youth Program Director
Edgewood Sailing School

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