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Fill an empty seat - BALANCE THE LEVEL 2 BOAT

Good evening folks –

After your Level One, "Beginning Sailing", right now there's another new sailing opportunity in the works:  The next L-2 class is one-person out of balance, and WE'RE LOOKING FOR ONE SAILOR TO COME JOIN NEXT WEEK'S LEVEL TWO "HARBOR SAILING" CLASS, SO THAT WE CAN SAIL WITH TWO HANDS IN EACH RHODES, and "balance the boat" for the class.  If you've been waiting for an "invitation" to jump into (or for a refresher) Level 2, please jump now to the [registration] and help us sail with an even number of students.

This third sequence of the "Harbor Sailing" is the last run on the weekday-evening schedule. If week nights are the best time, here is a chance to sail evenings through till Labor Day when we stop evening sailing. Sunset is coming down before 7:30pm, and – until we start "Night Sailing" class – we can't so very well sail in the dark.

Registration for "Harbor Sailing" (as.24)
Tuesday 8/14/18 - Friday 8/31/18  at 5:30-8:30pm.

For comments, suggestions and questions, please [contact us].

Thanks –


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