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The ESS board of directors and staff met on March 22.  We want to share with you those conversations, and our current thinking about the coming summer season.

We recognize that we are in a fluid, evolving, situation where planning ahead is especially challenging.  We also confirm that ESS will follow the lead of government decision-makers and healthcare professionals; and that we act within a framework of peer institutions, including the community, the Edgewood Yacht Club, NBYA, USSailing, Save The Bay, and You Rock School of Music.  We are not in this alone.

Our goal at this time still is to safely deliver all summer youth programs as scheduled, and to start our adult program consistently with prior years.

But, we are also realistically mindful that today's current thinking may need to change tomorrow. Thankfully, the ESS is a very flexible organization, and we can adjust our programs and modify our schedules as may be required to get our boats and staff ready for whatever we face as the summer draws closer.  The ESS board and staff are at work on that, so that we can fulfill our mission depending on how various scenarios might unfold in the coming weeks.

We will keep you informed, by email and with postings to Facebook, as our plans continue to develop.  It's also important that you please feel free to reach out to us at if you have suggestions and questions we should know about at any point until we're back out on the water.

Meanwhile, with every good wish to you and to your own sailors, near and far,

Edgewood Sailing School President

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