Light air and strong current for 11/22/2015

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There were a record 14 boats on the line for the day's races! Great turn out for "The Frozen Few!"

Skippers were puzzled to find strong current was coming from the North. For a rising tide, one would expect the current to flow from the south. The contrary current made traveling upwind in light North winds a challenge to get to the windward mark. The windward mark also seemed to issue a strange magnetic force attracting unwary Sunfish to it during the roundings. During the second to the last race, skippers sailed upwind toward the finish, but sometimes traveled backward before finally crossing the line.

There was a tie for the day between Chris L and Dave L. The prevailing skipper was Dave L, who had a high score of 4 in the last race for the day.

Skipper \ CourseScore
2Jim F.1223715
5Dave Saunders8647833
6George S.338101135
8Bill G.413712642
9Dave Solon471113944
10Dave L.139108444
11Chris L.1011513544
13Rich G.1481391357
14Rob J.12RAF 151214DNC 1568
DNCdid not competeDid not attend the race or did not come to the starting area.
DNSdid not startSailed in the starting area, but did not cross the starting line.
DNFdid not finishStarted the race, but did not cross the finish line.
DSQdisqualifiedFinished but not scored, perhaps due to a rules violation.
RAFretired after finishingVoluntarily withdrew from the race after finishing, perhaps in response to a protest.

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