The Frozen Few, 2010-2011

Frostbite racing results for 2/6/2011

The Frozen Few ran four races in strong winds, which were forecast to fade but actually grew in strength. By mutual consent the first race was not scored because some of the skippers were still preparing to come out. The scores for the second and third races are posted below.

The race committee had to leave the line during the fourth race to assist one of the boats, and so the scores for the last race are not recorded. If the skippers can provide a consistent account of the results of the last race, then we will post them.

Skipper \ CourseScore
2Ray W.224
3David W.336
4Bill S.549
5Jeff4DNC 913
6Gene6DNF 713
7CatherineDNC 9DNF 716
8Bill G.DNC 9DNC 918

Frostbite racing results for 1/30/2011

The spring series is revving up for the Frozen Few, with nine skippers participating in Sunfish racing out of Edgewood with gear borrowed from fellow sailors throughout the region. Today, the Race Committee safety boat served double duty, also clearing away a thin sheet of ice from around the docks, to get it out of range of the launching area for the fleet.

Skipper \ CourseScore
2Dave Saunders413210
3David W.512DNF 1018
5Ray W.144DNF 1019
6Bill S.75DNF 9DNF 1031
7Rob H.86DNF 9DNF 1033
8Gene68DNF 9DNF 1033
9Bill G.DNC 10DNC 10DNC 10434

Frostbite racing results for 1/23/2011

With rigs, gear and support arriving from all over New England and Rhode Island, the Frozen Few were able to take to the seas again this Sunday for a heartwarming series of races in bitterly cold temperatures. The Race Committee safety boats made their way from Port Edgewood through icy waters.

Skipper \ CourseScore
2David W.4239
3Ray W.54110
4KyleDNC 73212
5Bill S.3DNF 6514
6Jeff2DNC 7DNC 716

Frostbite racing results for 1/16/2011

A symbolic victory! The Frozen Few took to the water using borrowed rigs that they put on their own boats that had survived.  It was an exuberant day of racing "in adverse conditions" after last week's fire at the Edgewood Yacht Club.

The day was made possible by the strength of friendships, community and neighborhood support. SunFish and Frostbite sailors around New England are pledging their help and making gear available.  

A few of the folks to whom the Frozen Few are grateful for their hard work and generosity among many people include:  David W. and Ray W. borrowed Sunfish rigs from their friends. Bob E. lent his rig and helped organize transportation from Port Edgewood. Theo and MJ, cheerfully provided a Sunfish class flag and the EYC burgee which were hoisted on the starting line. Neighbors offered access to their summer docks. The Port Edgewood folks generously allowed us to use their skiff and floats for transporting gear and sailors to the inaccessible EYC docks. Letty invited the channel 10 news to come out to cover the event. And Jon H. of the sailing school was on hand with the safety boat (and the tv camera man) and directed the complex logistics for day's activities to get us safely out on the water and sailing again. 

All morning, skippers rotated into the race committee boat, to sit out a race so that all skippers could sail in their turn on the next available Sunfish. For even with two loads of borrowed sails, we were short a couple of rigs to get all the skippers sailing at once. The combination of borrowed rigs, strong winds and changing boats made for a lively day of sailing. Never shy, the idle skippers waiting on the Committee boat engaged in good-natured taunts and shouts of encouragement to their sailing pals. Stuart in the Race Committee safety boat, good-naturedly welcomed having the extra company. 

Scores for the day are a little skewed, since not everyone got to sail the same number of races, but that should sort itself out in the results as the season progresses. No one seemed to mind – everyone was just happy to be sailing.




Skipper \ CourseScore
1Ray W.1DNC 1111317
2Fauss31DNC 113119
3David W.2DNC 1134222
4Dave SaundersDNC 11325DNF 829
5Kyle42DNC 112DNC 1130
6GeneDNC 115DNF 86535
7Bill S.645DNC 11DNC 1137
8Catherine7DNF 8DNC 117639
9DougDNC 11DNC 114DNC 11441
10Rob H.56DNF 8DNC 11DNC 1141

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