Frostbite racing results for 2/6/2011

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The Frozen Few ran four races in strong winds, which were forecast to fade but actually grew in strength. By mutual consent the first race was not scored because some of the skippers were still preparing to come out. The scores for the second and third races are posted below.

The race committee had to leave the line during the fourth race to assist one of the boats, and so the scores for the last race are not recorded. If the skippers can provide a consistent account of the results of the last race, then we will post them.

Skipper \ CourseScore
2Ray W.224
3David W.336
4Bill S.549
5Jeff4DNC 913
6Gene6DNF 713
7CatherineDNC 9DNF 716
8Bill G.DNC 9DNC 918
DNCdid not competeDid not attend the race or did not come to the starting area.
DNSdid not startSailed in the starting area, but did not cross the starting line.
DNFdid not finishStarted the race, but did not cross the finish line.
DSQdisqualifiedFinished but not scored, perhaps due to a rules violation.
RAFretired after finishingVoluntarily withdrew from the race after finishing, perhaps in response to a protest.

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