The Frozen Few, 2009-2010

Racing end of season Finalé - early spring melts the Frozen Few (results for 3/7/10)

With a burst of warm weather and sunshine, FrostBite SunFish racing kicked over into Spring, during a season/series finalé and thaw this past Sunday.   These customarily frozen Racers enjoyed 50°F temperature, while a crowd of dock-side spectators at the Edgewood Yacht Club's first Open House got to be even "closer than TV" overlooking the contested gybe mark, set close to the flagpole, guiding skippers well inside the marina's North and South tees.

The weather sparkled (and it "sparked" too, with gusts and unexpected shifts). The Clubhouse looked terrific.  And the FrozenFew skippers - - all eleven on hand for this last day - - kept boats both upright and aggressive.

Frozen Winners of the SunFish winter racing:


[Faus, Jeff and Dave - among the

2009-2010 Frozen Few]




And Frozen Honors to:

  • All the Eleven Who Sailed
  • Michael  Whalen - best "FirstFrozenYear"
  • Catherine White, Dave Saunders, Kyle Wishart - "NewFirstYearFrozenSkippers"


Looking at the Ice Cubes:

Sailing in the SPRING SERIES was tight and cheerful.  Congratulations, coaching, and camaraderie, week-by-week were shared by all.  There was:  Dave Way's close win for the tight Spring Series.  Kyle's winning out for finalé day, against the top 4 skippers being separated by only an average of one place per race for that day. Fauss, in for the long haul, clearing another 1st place for the Season, and just pushing ahead of Jeff's 2nd for the Season. Then Jeff's win at New Year's, only just-ahead of Michael.  And the gang of hot-shots that appeared for the spring series.  "People just wouldn't screw up; you had to stay with the race all the way around," chipped in one of the Few. 

Skippers had fun.  The FrozenFew sailed nearly 70 races during the 2009-2010 season: November through March. Nods of appreciation to the Edgewood Yacht Club, for hosting a year of Frozen Fun; to Stuart and Jonathan for keeping the operation afloat and interesting out there; and to Mike, Gary and Nick for chase-boat duty; to skippers who made boats available; to Steve for keeping "Lucky" charged, bailed, and gassed up; to Baci, Charlie, and Charliee for keeping all 4 feet and tails on the deck most of the time. And hat-tip to LlamaGraphics (Stuart and Catherine) for scoring, and web-presence.

And so, until then, "THANK YOU RACE COMMITTEE!"

See you next fall!


Race date:  3/7/2010


Skipper \ CourseScore
2David W.13417319
4Ray W.42751423
5Michael25863DNC 1236
6Dave Saunders89544737
7Jonathan C.108976545
8Jeff541DNC 12DNC 12DNC 1246

CLUB OPEN HOUSE this Sunday 1-4pm - - - blow off the snow & watch winter racing !

Open House this Sunday !

Join us at historic Edgewood Yacht Club - watch winter racing from the dock in SunFish

Frostbite racing results for 2/28/2010

The Race Committee challenged The Frozen Few's fleet of Sunfish sailors on the Narragansett Bay to an unusual course with a flag set daringly between the North and South docks of the Edgewood Yacht Club Marina. Temperatures were comfortable and the NNE winds were refreshingly light. 

Skipper \ CourseScore
1Ray W.2121410
2David W.1517317
5Dave Saunders74321026
6Fauss3RAF 1166228

"Frozen Limit" 2/21 reached in very big wind

Frostbite races were cancelled on February 21, 2010 due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The race area was developing white caps on the surface of the water in strong gusts. Despite the temperature being on the mild side, the strong winds were producing significant wind chill. The forecast was for the winds to pick up as the day went on, so sailors opted on the side of safety, deciding collectively that racing should be cancelled for the day.

A few sailors took the opportunity to practice in the more sheltered areas without adding in the challenges of racing a particular course with determined competitors. Spectators from shore were impressed when Kyle caught one spectacular gust that gave his sunfish a "Rooster Tail." 

Examples from the week before show Catherine and Michael enjoyingthe consequences of "whistling for wind" 

Everyone safely back to shore, looking forward to next week and Spring.

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