"Frozen Limit" 2/21 reached in very big wind

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Frostbite races were cancelled on February 21, 2010 due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The race area was developing white caps on the surface of the water in strong gusts. Despite the temperature being on the mild side, the strong winds were producing significant wind chill. The forecast was for the winds to pick up as the day went on, so sailors opted on the side of safety, deciding collectively that racing should be cancelled for the day.

A few sailors took the opportunity to practice in the more sheltered areas without adding in the challenges of racing a particular course with determined competitors. Spectators from shore were impressed when Kyle caught one spectacular gust that gave his sunfish a "Rooster Tail." 

Examples from the week before show Catherine and Michael enjoyingthe consequences of "whistling for wind" 

Everyone safely back to shore, looking forward to next week and Spring.

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