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Edgewood Yacht Club
Frostbite Racing
2009-2010 Sailing Instructions

Rules: International Sailing Federation The Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 (RRS), US Sailing Association prescriptions, Sunfish Class Rules, this Notice of Race, and these Sailing Instructions will govern the racing. Rule 44.2 is changed, see Penalties below.

Courses: The start/finish line will be off EYC’s north dock, and is between the orange flag on the dock or RC boat and the nearby starting buoy. The start/finish line is open. There are no requirements to sail through or avoid the line, except when starting or finishing. The time limit for each race is 45 minutes. Any boat not finishing within 10 minutes of the first boat may, if it is still racing, be assigned a finishing position by the Race Committee, corresponding to that boat's relative position at the time. Each mark of the course shall be left on the same side as the starting buoy, which means that the diagrams below may be reversed for some wind conditions. The courses include the following, and others that the RC may devise and announce prior to the starting sequence:

Starting Signals: The “dinghy start”, or “Sound Signal Starting System” RRS Appendix S will be used.

Penalties and Protests: A 360° turn penalty, similar to the 720° turn penalty of racing rule 44.2, will apply.  All other provisions of Rule 61 apply. In addition, a protesting boat must notify the Race Committee of its intent to protest, upon completion of the race involved.

Qualifications and Scoring: The Low-Point Scoring System, RRS Appendix A, will apply to each series, as modified below. The Season will be qualified and scored as a single series independently of the individual Series qualifications and scores.

  • Minimum to qualify: At least 10 races are required to constitute a series. A race counts if at least 2 boats compete and the race is not cancelled or abandoned. Skippers must compete in at least 60.0% (rounding to nearest whole number) of the races held in a series to qualify for that series.
  • Throwouts: All races above those needed to qualify are discarded. For breaking ties per rule A8 or any other reason, if one of several equal race scores could be used as a throwout, the earliest one shall be the throwout.
  • Example: In a series of 12 races, a skipper needs to compete in 7 to qualify (60% x 12 = 7.2). The skipper is scored for the best 7 races the skipper has sailed.
  • Daily score: A Daily Score will be computed as a series of the races on that day (no throw-outs) and may be posted or submitted to the local newspaper; however, this Daily Score will not be used in computing the Series scores.
  • Race Committee Duty: The skipper serving on the race committee will receive a score of “Q” for each of the day’s races. Each skipper must have at least one Q in some series during the season in order to qualify for any series in the season. (Each skipper must serve as RC at least one time during the season.)

Changes: Notices and changes to these Sailing Instructions will be posted on the bulletin board in the EYC clubhouse at least one hour before the scheduled warning signal of the race in which they take effect.

Cancellations: The Race Committee will cancel races according to its best judgement, and usually if the wind chill is below zero or the wind gusts reach 30 knots.

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