Fall series

AndrewDavid W.JeffCatherineBill S.Dave SaundersWayneRay W.Dave L.DougBill G.
51436DNC 1282DNF 9DNC 12DNC 12
42156DNC 12DNS 93DNF 9DNC 12DNC 12
51264DNC 12DNS 93DNF 9DNC 12DNC 12
43165DNC 12728DNC 12DNC 12
21356DNC 12748DNC 12DNC 12
32456DNC 12718DNC 12DNC 12
12354DNC 126DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
213DNS 74DNC 125DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
12345DNC 126DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
12435DNC 126DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
13254DNC 12DNF 7DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
12346DNC 125DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
12354DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
21345DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNF 7DNC 12DNC 12
12345DNC 12DNC 12DNC 126DNC 12DNC 12
12354DNC 12DNC 12DNC 127DNC 126
21436DNC 12DNC 12DNC 127DNC 125
DNC 1214DNF 963DNC 12275DNC 12
DNC 1232674DNC 12185DNC 12
DNC 1214536DNC 12287DNC 12
DNC 1223564DNC 12187DNC 12
DNC 1212564DNC 12387DNC 12
DNC 1215364DNC 12287DNC 12
1325746DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12DNC 12
3154627DNC 12DNC 12DNF 9DNC 12
3125769DNC 12DNC 1284
1246537DNC 12DNC 128DNF 10
1236459DNC 12DNC 1278
2DNC 1214536DNC 12DNC 12DNF 8DNC 12
1DNC 1224537DNC 12DNC 126DNC 12
1DNC 1262734DNC 12DNC 125DNF 9
2DNC 1215764DNC 12DNC 1283
5DNC 1238421DNC 12DNC 1267
123DNC 12DNC 124DNC 12DNC 1265DNC 12
1235DNC 124DNC 12DNC 1276DNC 12
2145DNC 123DNC 12DNC 126DNC 12DNC 12
1245DNC 123DNC 12DNC 127DNC 126
1237DNC 124DNC 12DNC 126DNC 125
DNC 12throwoutRace scores beyond those needed to qualify for the series are thrown out, worst scores first. These scores are not included in the series totals. The particular scores that are thrown out may change as the season progresses. See Low Point scoring system for details.
DNCdid not competeDid not attend the race or did not come to the starting area.
DNSdid not startSailed in the starting area, but did not cross the starting line.
DNFdid not finishStarted the race, but did not cross the finish line.
DSQdisqualifiedFinished but not scored, perhaps due to a rules violation.
RAFretired after finishingVoluntarily withdrew from the race after finishing, perhaps in response to a protest.

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