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Letter from Chris Lee, Chair of the Sailing School

Wednesday afternoon
January 12, 2011

Hello Edgewood Sailing School family,

As many of you know, the Edgewood Yacht Club, our home since 1956 burned down last night. It was a sad and tragic event. I want everyone to know that as a sailing school we will carry on and the youth calendar has been posted on our website for 2011. We will have a season this summer, though it may be different than the season you remember from last year. The sailing school board will be working on the plan to regroup and rebuild the program. It is too early to reveal any details as there are none at this point beyond a collective realization by those who are active in the Sailing School and/or the Yacht Club that we will carry on. None of our boats were damaged though we did lose all of our sails, spars, radios and other as yet unaccounted for equipment.

I do want everyone in both the youth program and the adult & community program to realize and to pass the word along that the Edgewood Sailing School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that all contributions, which we will need to rebuild, are tax deductible. We will need donations to carry on. You can donate on our website via a Paypal link that will soon be up. If you are interested in contributing please let me know or go to our website. We will most certainly be planning a fundraising event for the spring.

We will also need volunteers to carry on. First and foremost we need a treasurer. Mike Gendron is stepping down THIS MONTH after over a decade of service to the school. We wish Mike well. We are looking for someone to take over the reins in this area. Please, if you have any interest step forward, we need you. We also are looking for people to help with our rebuilding efforts.

Chris Lee
Chair - Edgewood Sailing School

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