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Explore Cranston event fully booked — possible encore

This week's Explore Cranston - Take Yourself to Sea event is already full-booked. Neighbors and families have really pressed for this event — gathering various size/age sailors. Requests have run nearly up to 200 people. It's been wonderful!

Because there's such interest, we are investigating how we can repeat the event, even as soon as in the next couple of months. And we want to invite you to join us next time.

We hope to be able to offer "Take Yourself to Sea (again)" like in August. Meanwhile, we hope you'll get yourself out on a sailboat to enjoy the water. Come see us at the Sailing School (both youth and adults), and be sure to keep in touch/click on the website.

Sailing is a family thing. And Sailing is fun. Thanks for your interest. We are looking forward to seeing you "Take Yourself to Sea (again)" very soon.

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