Frostbite racing results for 12/4

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The Frozen Few seem more aptly named The Fortunate Few as warm weather and gentle breeze from the south provided pleasant conditions again for Sunfish sailors to race in December!

Andrew and Dave W tied on points, with Andrew prevailing with three first places to Dave W's two. Between the two of them, they cleaned up all the first place slots for the day! Jeff placed third. Dave S took fourth.

Race committee, Stuart, included one of the Edgewood special races, an O*, which allowed sailors to try some new strategies and practice their pirouettes. One unidentified floating object went missing briefly, leading to a wild "duck" chase, but was discovered and recovered from its hiding place in time for sailors to enjoy one more race for the day.

Five races completed, with nine sailors joining in!
(T, G, T2, O*, W2)

Skipper \ CourseScore
2David W.311229
4Dave Saunders4263520
6Bill S.7675429
8Bill G.DNC 10DNC 104DNF 10842
9DougDNC 10DNF 988742
DNCdid not competeDid not attend the race or did not come to the starting area.
DNSdid not startSailed in the starting area, but did not cross the starting line.
DNFdid not finishStarted the race, but did not cross the finish line.
DSQdisqualifiedFinished but not scored, perhaps due to a rules violation.
RAFretired after finishingVoluntarily withdrew from the race after finishing, perhaps in response to a protest.

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