Spring series

JeffChris L.Jim F.WayneDave L.CatherineBill G.Rich G.Dave SolonDave SaundersGeorge S.GeneMackenzie
1DNC 146432DNS 11897DNC 145DNC 14
4DNC 14375186DNF 112DNC 149DNC 14
1DNC 14398467DNF 112DNC 145DNC 14
1DNC 1434658792DNC 14DNF 11DNC 14
139875DNC 141011264DNC 14
361247DNC 148119105DNC 14
2387510DNC 14911164DNC 14
1467211DNC 14910385DNC 14
623954DNC 1418DNC 147DNC 14DNC 14
1247685310DNC 149DNC 14DNC 14
1234567810DNC 149DNC 14DNC 14
528364179DNC 1410DNC 14DNC 14
1586279410DNC 143DNC 14DNC 14
173285DNF 1169DNC 144DNC 14DNC 14
2541786DNC 149DNC 14DNC 14DNC 143
1462358DNC 147DNC 14DNC 14DNC 149
1643785DNC 149DNC 14DNC 14DNC 142
1526783DNC 149DNC 14DNC 14DNC 144
1367459DNC 148DNC 14DNC 14DNC 142
3267485DNC 149DNC 14DNC 14DNC 141
DNC 12throwoutRace scores beyond those needed to qualify for the series are thrown out, worst scores first. These scores are not included in the series totals. The particular scores that are thrown out may change as the season progresses. See Low Point scoring system for details.
DNCdid not competeDid not attend the race or did not come to the starting area.
DNSdid not startSailed in the starting area, but did not cross the starting line.
DNFdid not finishStarted the race, but did not cross the finish line.
DSQdisqualifiedFinished but not scored, perhaps due to a rules violation.
RAFretired after finishingVoluntarily withdrew from the race after finishing, perhaps in response to a protest.

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