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Haul-out Rhodes 19s - November 2011 - progress & what's ahead

Working around marina schedules, the boom truck, trailer configurations, and the tide and the early sunsets, we have just worked out that we'll be pulling the Rhodes19s using "Plan A" on November 12, or using "Plan B" on November 19.   Meanwhile, Saturday volunteers have been busy with the details.

The list or all that's been going on, and summary of what's ahead includes following projects

... (updated as of 11/7/11) ... 

  •  TUE 2pm      √ Trailers painting completed (thank you BenzTesters!)
  •  TUE 10pm    √ signal to the Launch Team volunteers that Friday evening is "on" 
  •  WED 9am     √  get new straps to replace ones lost in fire
  •  WED 10am   √  bring trailers to EYC
  •  WED 10am   √   bring the boats in from moorings to dock; pump out, remove gear
  •  WED 11am   √   wash sails & equipment
  •  WED 11am   √     begin distribution of Mrs. Westcott's famous muffins
  •  WED  12pm  √ clean up the painting work site
  •  WED 2pm     √  un-step & leave with dock lines, anchors, paddles 
  •  WED 3pm     √ purchase dimension lumber for trailer keel boards
  •  WED 4pm     √     strip and bind R19 masts - prepare for winter storage
  •  WED 5pm     √ stack sails and gear at container for final storage.
  •  THU 10am    √ install new keel boards on trailers, repair & re-set poppets
  •  THU 1pm      √     repair (welding) on poppet lock nuts
  •  THU 4pm      √ set up the spreader bar on a trailer to go to Port Edgewood 
  •  FRI   9am      √     "delay of game" posted (mechanical problem)

saturday 11-5-11

  •  SAT 9am       √      check all & re-pack R19 trailer bearings 
  •  SAT 9am       √     finish clean-up, store R19 sails and gear in the container
  •  SAT 10am     √     build SunFish carrier rack, and make space for FB rigs
  •  SAT 2pm       √     rack R19 masts for winter storage (meet at Sailing School)
  • MON 8pm √ "change in haul-out date" posted (tentative)
  • FRI 4pm √ "

saturday 11-12-11

  • SAT 9am+     -      touch-up painting on trailers
  • SAT 9am+     -      glas repairs "Bay Runner" - prepare for FrostBite service
  • SAT 9am+     -      check all & repack safety boat trailer bearings
  • SAT 9am+    √      haul out "Mary Ann" whaler (hw: 0812hrs)
  • SAT 9am+     -      glas repairs & cleats on "Big White"
  • SAT 9am+     -      build ridge rails and struts for R19 covers
  • SAT 9am+     -      clear, clean & store R19 running rigging
  • SAT 9am+     -      recover, clean & store R19 mooring pickup sticks

sunday 11-20-11 ("Plan B" - haul-out option would include the following)

----- because of schedule change, the following items for the haul-out are still tentative for time/date and location ---- 

  •  tba  *am -              juggle trailers at Port Edgewood
                                    so that the ESS trailers are ready to go
  •  tba  *am -  move ESS trailers to Port Edgewood
  •  tba  *am -  tow boats from EYC to Port Edgewood (meet at Sailing School) 
  •  tba  *am  -  start haul out meet at Port Edgewood (Armington St)
  •  tba  *am -          scrape down bottoms of wet boats
  •  tba  *am - move boats on  trailers to EYC

Note: the actual lifting boats onto trailers may be at Port Edgewood, as shown in map below.  We'll be starting at Port Edgewood soon, or at another location.

View Larger Map to Port Edgewood

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