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explore cranston "Take Yourself to Sea" - continues - now it's every week !

This year, it's all-summer, not just one day.  Available days come up weekly.

All through the summer  - neighbor families in the "Explore Cranston" summer program can come to Edgewood for an exciting introduction to sailing.  (Registration required, but no charge).  There is a list of available dates, with more being added.

    • Times have been announced for July
    • More times coming in August and September - check for available 

This is the third year of the popular neighborhood program, Explore Cranston, again featuring sailing at Edgewood.  There's a new format for the event, that will last all summer long.

In the past years, there has been only ONE TIME to sail.  Family plans and unpredictable weather made it difficult.  Many families were disappointed and missed sailing. 

Now there are MANY TIMES.  Families choose from a list available days.  The list continues all through the summer.  Already the July dates have been filled.  A list is being prepared with more dates for August and into September.  

Sailing this summer in small groups, and having a wider choice of dates, means more Cranston families can be welcomed to "Take Yourself to Sea" this summer.

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