Frequently Asked Questions - Youth Program

The Edgewood Sailing School admits students of any race, skin color, or national origin to all activities accorded and made available at the School.

Yes, scholarships are available. Please see the Youth Scholarships page for more details.

Each class description includes a comment, "Best ages for this class."  These are only ranges. The ranges are not specific limits. These ranges are the ones that have usually set up the best match of ages among the sailors, and have generally provided the most fun for all.

            • Starter Sailor/Save the Bay  ages 7-13
            • Opti Sailing ages 10-14
            • 420 Sailing ages 13-17

Yes, but for everyone's safety, and to avoid distracting the Youth sailors please keep to the Edgewood Yacht Club house rules (life jackets, dogs, etc.) and keep a polite comfortable low profile, including: 

  1. Observe youth classes from the EYC Pavilion tent, or in the new areas.
  2. Do not join or interfere with Sailing School activities or classes unless invited to do so.
  3. During Friday "Open Sailing" when your family sailor(s) are on the dock, parents/visitors may move about on the central sections of the main dock (avoid the thin finger docks and floats) out to the North Tee to watch the sailing.
  4. At all times, please follow the direction of the Edgewood Yacht Club staff, and the Sailing School instructors.

There are many opportunities to sail together, if you're in the same class.

Progression thru the program is rarely linear: 1 "beginner" class, then on to 1 "intermediate" class, then on to 1 "racing" class and then "done." Children respond, and retain skills, utilizing repetition. Having solid fundamentals is critical to their safety, confidence, and success. Almost every single sailor in our program repeats – or "refreshes" – one or more classes. We call the classes "and Refresher". The "refresher" is a good opportunity to strengthen skills, broaden experience, and increase confidence. Social considerations are also important. When in doubt, please email the youth program director,, or send a question through <ContactUs>.

Yes, It's OK. Generally most kids will benefit from review/refreshing of Opti I, before going on to Opti Intermediate.

We accept major credit cards (and PayPal), checks and cash. 
Refunds are not available.

Annual Registration fee is due immediately.  All tuition and other fees are due, in full, no later than the first meeting, and according to schedule.

For the Youth Program registrations before March 1, the full balance of tuition/fees shown in a youth student's school account must be entirely paid by March 1 to avoid the student being moved off the roster onto the wait list.  For registrations on/after March 1 the full balance of tuition/fees must be paid within 5 days of the date of registration, but not later than the first day of class.
See ("Youth Payment Deadline") for more details.

Rick MacNeil Scholarship Fund –  No payment is due while a Youth student is requesting award from the Rick MacNeil Scholarship Fund.  The Scholarship Fund is available to both the sailors who are new to  Edgewood and to the youth sailors who have been in the Youth Program at Edgewood in prior years.


The Sailing School encourages family sailing, so is able to offer a discount on Youth Sailing enrollments to a family when two Youth siblings are enrolled during the same season.  The Youth siblings do not need to be enrolled in the same class. The $50 family discount is shared between the siblings, once per season.  (If more than 2 siblings are involved, the shares are $25 per sibling.) 

Parents are also encouraged to sail, and will each receive a $25 discount on Adult & Community Program classes, once during the sailing season in which their children are enrolled in the Youth Sailing Program.

The sibling discount should be automatic on the registration form of the second sibling, based on family-group list, and should appear as a discount when the second sibling registration is recorded.  If necessary, please use the "COMMENTS" on your Registration form, to describe your situation and/or to request the family/sibling adjustment. Adults requesting the discount based on a child being in the Youth Program must request the discount on the Adult registration form.  Adults should use "COMMENTS" field for this request on the Adult registration form.

The Registrar will send you a confirmation to explain the adjustment.

At the beginning of each year, a payment deadline is announced. In 2018, the deadline is March 1. Any registration made on or before March 1, 2018, is subject to the March 1 deadline.

If you have a balance due, please be sure to pay by the deadline. After the deadline, any unpaid registration will be set aside, meaning you will lose your child's place in a class if there is a wait-list or if others register and pay before you pay and are reinstated.

Thanks for your cooperation with this – it's a necessary process as ESS youth classes have become more popular and as we have had to more closely manage our tuition inflows. We greatly appreciate your support.

If you have any questions (or doubts about whether you have paid in full), please contact us at

If you register AFTER MARCH 1, 2018, there is another deadline: your tuition and fees are due, in full, no more than five (5) days after your registration date. The risk of not paying within that 5-day period is the same as for missing any other deadline: unpaid registrations will be set aside at the deadline, meaning you will lose your child's place in a class if there is a wait-list or if others register and pay before you pay and are reinstated.

In addition to these deadlines, tuition and fees for a class must be paid in full no later than on the first day of that class.

Some limited scholarship assistance is available for both "new" and returning youth sailors, all ages, all classes. Please use the on-line Scholarship Application Form.

In order to participate in the Edgewood Sailing School program, I consent to the following conditions:

  1. I must pass the swimming test given by the instructors.
  2. I will wear a Coast Guard approved life vest whenever I am on the docks or in the boats.
  3. I may have my sailing privileges revoked, without refund, if I fail to obey the instructors or to abide by the rules of the Edgewood Sailing School and the Edgewood Yacht Club.
  4. I also agree to follow the Edgewood Sailing School policy, “ALCOHOL AND WATER DON’T MIX” which prohibits operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance. No use of alcohol or appearing to be under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance prior to or during any ESS session or while operating or otherwise on board any ESS boat is permitted under any circumstances. No one who appears intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance will be allowed on board any ESS vessel at any time.
  5. I hereby authorize the Edgewood Sailing School to arrange for any medical treatment that may be deemed advisable should an emergency arise. It is understood that a conscientious effort will be made to contact the above-mentioned student’s parents or emergency contact person at the phone number listed above and/or in the Registration Form, before any medical action is taken.
  6. I agree to the following Waiver and Release:


This document relates to participation by students in Edgewood Sailing School (“ESS”) programs and activities, including without limitation instruction and other guidance provided by ESS and its instructors and other representatives, whether at facilities owned by Edgewood Yacht Club, Inc. (“EYC”) or otherwise, and whether on land, on docks, in the water, or on or in connection with vessels owned by Edgewood Parties (defined below), on any Student Vessels (defined below), or on or in connection with any other vessels, vehicles, property, or equipment (collectively, the “Edgewood Activities”).


Waiver, Release, and Indemnification. By signing below, the Student (and/or his or her parent or authorized guardian, as applicable), on his or her own behalf and on behalf of all of his or her executors, heirs, administrators, conservators, parents, next-of-kin, and estate, and their respective representatives, successors, and assigns (the Student and such other parties collectively, the “Student Parties”), acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. that boating is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury to person and property associated with it, and that such damage and injury or the nature, scope, and extent thereof may not be known, foreseeable, or avoidable, and may arise from natural causes such as wind, rain and extreme weather conditions, may arise due to the actions of other boaters or sailors, may result from equipment failure or from defects in the condition of the marina from which sailing activities take place and may also result from mistakes made by others,
  2. that the Student is participating in Edgewood Activities at his or her own risk,
  3. that neither ESS nor any of its instructors, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, students, officials, officers, or directors, nor EYC nor any of its employees, agents, representatives, members, volunteers, officials, officers, or governors (collectively the “Edgewood Parties”) is or will be liable, responsible, or obligated for any claims, demands, suits, actions, costs, expenses, losses, injuries, disability, death, or damages to any of the Student Parties, or to any other person, or for any claims, demands, suits, actions, costs, expenses, losses, or damages to any vessel (including any Student Vessel, as defined below) or to any real or personal property, in each case in any way arising out of, relating to, or connected with (i) the Student’s participation (and to any Student Vessel’s participation) in the Edgewood Activities or (ii) any other use or occupancy of any of the premises, facilities, properties, or equipment of any of the Edgewood Parties by the Student or any Student Vessel, in each case even if the claims, demands, suits, actions, costs, expenses, losses, injuries, disability, death, or damages are caused in whole or in any part by any of the Edgewood Parties or by a defect in any of the premises, facilities, properties, or equipment of the Edgewood Parties (collectively, the “Potential Claims”),
  4. that the Student and the Student Parties waive, release, and discharge all Potential Claims and will indemnify and defend the Edgewood Parties and hold them harmless from all Potential Claims, and
  5. that the Student and the Student Parties waive and release any right of subrogation that any insurer of the Student Parties or of any Student Vessel may have against any of the Edgewood Parties on account of Potential Claims or any payment or satisfaction by such insurer of Potential Claims.

Edgewood Sailing School has an “alcohol and water don’t mix” policy. Operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol creates an unnecessary additional risk that ESS will not tolerate. No use of alcohol prior to or during any ESS session or while operating or otherwise on board any ESS boat is permitted under any circumstances. No one who appears intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance will be allowed on board any ESS vessel at any time. By participating in ESS boating activities, all participants agree to this policy. We thank you for your cooperation in maintaining as safe and enjoyable an environment as possible.

Minor boat damage(scratches/dings)are repaired by ESS volunteers. Major boat damage is paid for by the family. If two ESS boats are involved, we counsel sharing the cost.

Some classes require "Instructor Approval". The Instructor approval goal is to match each inddividual sailor's skills, experience, and class objectives to that of the entire group. Requiring Instructor Approval helps by setting appropriate and goals for the group, and this allows each sailor to work at his/her best against realistic challenges and opportunities.

When we receive your online registration, we will send you an email confirming that there is space in the class.  

If your class doesn't require "Instructor Approval", payment can be made with registration, or when you receive the confirmation.

If your class does require "Instructor Approval",  we will hold a place in the class for you while Instructor approval is processed.  You will receive an email saying that we have your registration information, but have wait-listed you while the Instructor checks out your request.  If your class requires "Instructor Approval", please do not make payment at this time.  After you receive Instructor Approval, an email will be sent to you, you will be enrolled in the class, and asked to make payment.

Students will learn the basics of how to physically hold, play and speak about their instrument, as well as the fundamentals of music that are needed to communicate and play music with others. While learning their instruments, students will also develop a home practice routine that is fun, rewarding and efficient.

Students need only to bring their enthusiasm for music to this class.
Students will be picked up at 4PM at You Rock.

You Rock School of Music
1802 Broad Street
Cranston, Rhode Island 02905

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