Rick MacNeil and Jean Westcott Youth Sailing Scholarships

Edgewood Sailing School is a non-profit entity that relies on donations to balance its operations. Each summer the Rick MacNeil - Jean Westcott Scholarship Fund provides several scholarships to kids from families who need help paying for sailing lessons.

Through a MacNeil-Westcott  Scholarship, a small number of ESS youth sailors can defray a portion of their Youth program tuition for one or more weeks. If your child – or a child you know – is interested in taking classes at the Edgewood Sailing School, but may not be able to afford full tuition, you may apply for a scholarship after registration.

You need to register for classes before filling out a scholarship application. Only the $25 registration fee is required while your application is being reviewed. Scholarship applications may be submitted at any time during Edgewood Sailing School season. To register, please visit "Register for the 2024 Youth Program" and be sure to complete the scholarship application at the end of the registration form.

All letters of application will be privately reviewed by the Edgewood Sailing School board of directors, based on each young sailor's interest and need. We particularly encourage new sailors in the Starter Sailor program; although youth sailors at any level class are entirely eligible to apply.

The scholarship committee will contact you if additional information is required, and will be very pleased to have suggestions, and questions and comments. Only the $25 registration fee is required while your application is being reviewed. 

As always, we welcome donations to the Rick MacNeil - Jean Westcott Scholarship Fund to replenish funds for upcoming years. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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