When siblings both sail, is there a "family" discount?

The Sailing School encourages family sailing, so is able to offer a discount on Youth Sailing enrollments to a family when two Youth siblings are enrolled during the same season.  The Youth siblings do not need to be enrolled in the same class. The $50 family discount is shared between the siblings, once per season.  (If more than 2 siblings are involved, the shares are $25 per sibling.) 

Parents are also encouraged to sail, and will each receive a $25 discount on Adult & Community Program classes, once during the sailing season in which their children are enrolled in the Youth Sailing Program.

The sibling discount should be automatic on the registration form of the second sibling, based on family-group list, and should appear as a discount when the second sibling registration is recorded.  If necessary, please use the "COMMENTS" on your Registration form, to describe your situation and/or to request the family/sibling adjustment. Adults requesting the discount based on a child being in the Youth Program must request the discount on the Adult registration form.  Adults should use "COMMENTS" field for this request on the Adult registration form.

The Registrar will send you a confirmation to explain the adjustment.

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