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A pair of c420s gift from Spindle Rock - support continues for ESS re-rigging the ESS Fleet

Chris Lee, ESS President, and Chris Crane, ESS Youth Program Head Instructor trailer-towed back two full-rigged c420s Saturday from the sailing program at Spindle Rock Club (Westport MA). The boats are another step in Edgewood's re-rigging for 2011.  

The Spindle Rock Club has recently  rotated its fleet.  And, hearing about the tragedy in Edgewood, the Club offered Edgewood the boats: fully rigged and canvassed, ready to sail.  "It is this  kind of spirit of support and co-operation that has kept us going here at Edgewood all this winter," Chris Lee said, pointing out that the Edgewood program was nearly eliminated in the January 2011 fire.  

The two fully-rigged Spindle Rock boats join donations from area yacht clubs, sailing schools, business and individuals.  "By such donations, from people with this strong attachment to sailing," Chris continued, "we have been permitted to gain access to the water again this summer."



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