Frequently Asked Questions - Adult Program

The Edgewood Sailing School admits students of any race, skin color, or national origin to all activities accorded and made available at the School.

Class is about to start.


Begin leaving your "sailing stuff" in your car, so you're always ready to go sailing.  


Please park along the hill, as the small parking lot on the south side of the Club frequently is filled, especially on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  


Please leave in your car anything of value that is not waterproof and does not float.  The boats do not have a good place to keep anything very big, so please leave your handbag and all valuables (and cellphone if it is not waterproof) in your car, and then leave your car keys, if you wish, in the Sailing School office.


Please meet us at the Sailing School Building, in the south lot of the Edgewood Yacht Club.  We'll be there to welcome you. Look for signs.


Please dress appropriate to the weather and wear/bring:  

  • shorts or comfortable pants, shirt
  • a change of clothing (we  never expect to be in the water; but "just in case") for a comfortable drive home.
  • closed-toe soft-soled boating shoes or running shoes.  Light colored soles only, to prevent leaving marks on the boats' white decks..
  • life-jacket (vest-style, USCG-rated Type III pfd)* - you can borrow a life-jacket from the Sailing School during during any class or activity on the water.
  • sports cap for the sun (if you wish)
  • sunglasses (probably with strap)
  • ordinary glasses, if you wear them (probably with strap)
  • loose fitting nylon windbreaker that will fit over your life jacket, if the weather is damp, windy, or chill.
  • when the weather is rain, or going on a picnic sail, bring along a waterproof jacket (foul-weather gear).


Our informal on-shore teaching is not complex enough to require extensive note taking. Notebooks, etc. are not needed.


IMPORTANT - Bad weather & Emergency Contact:

  1. Sailing School classes always meet, even if the weather doesn't look like it's good for sailing — we'll sail or be inside doing "shore" stuff, according to what's safe and what's practical.  
  2. If a class does have to be cancelled, we will
    • send an email to you
    • post a Notice to Edgewood Mariners <> on the website
    • post a change in the calendar<>
  3. How to contact us:
    • Sailing School Office telephone: 401-785-3317
    • Sailing School contact:
    • Emergency - conact Jonathan (cell: will be sent to you before class)

Every student must have their own Coast Guard approved Type III personal floatation device (PFD). You can find more information about borrowing or purchasing a PFD here.

You should have a whistle tied to your PFD so that you can signal an instructor if you need assistance. Some PFDs come with these built-in, or you can tie on a plastic whistle with a bit of string.

We ask all students to wear light-soled non-marking shoes to help keep the boats looking their best. You can get special boat shoes if you prefer, but sneakers work fine as well.

Some students like to wear sailing gloves, though these are optional. Sailing gloves provide a firm grip and help prevent rope burn. They are especially helpful on windier days. Most warm-weather sailing gloves have open fingertips that make it easier to tie and untie knots.

Dress for the weather and wear sunscreen. The sun gets hot, and can't be avoided in an open cockpit. The wind can also get quite cool. A light jacket can help you adjust to changing conditions.

It's best to leave as much non-sailing gear ashore as possible. You can lock this in your car, or leave it in the sailing school office during class. If there are personal items you'd like to keep with you, place them in a zip-top bag to keep them dry.

The ESS 2022 adult program requires all students, instructors, and tutors to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19. In order to participate you must bring your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or state vaccination record to the first class.

For more details, please check the CDC website at:

And the Rhode Island vaccine FAQ at:

There are many opportunities to sail together, if you're in the same class, or taking individual lessons.  

Most group classes move students from boat to boat, and sometimes solo, to get the best sailing experience.  

The instructor coaches each sailor at her/his own level, so the pace of learning moves right along, and its fun.

Student Information





Emergency contacts

Medical information

Student Responsibility Statement

In order to participate in the Edgewood Sailing School program, I consent to the following conditions:

  1. I must pass the swimming test given by the instructors.
  2. I will wear a Coast Guard approved life vest whenever I am on the docks or in the boats.
  3. I may have my sailing privileges revoked, without refund, if I fail to obey the instructors or to abide by the rules of the Edgewood Sailing School and the Edgewood Yacht Club.
  4. I also agree to follow the Edgewood Sailing School policy, “ALCOHOL AND WATER DON’T MIX” which prohibits operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance. No use of alcohol or appearing to be under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance prior to or during any ESS session or while operating or otherwise on board any ESS boat is permitted under any circumstances. No one who appears intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance will be allowed on board any ESS vessel at any time.
  5. I agree to the following Waiver and Release:


    This document relates to participation by students in Edgewood Sailing School (“ESS”) programs and activities, including without limitation instruction and other guidance provided by ESS and its instructors and other representatives, whether at facilities owned by Edgewood Yacht Club, Inc. (“EYC”) or otherwise, and whether on land, on docks, in the water, or on or in connection with vessels owned by Edgewood Parties (defined below), on any Student Vessels (defined below), or on or in connection with any other vessels, vehicles, property, or equipment (collectively, the “Edgewood Activities”).


    1. Waiver, Release, and Indemnification. By signing below, the Student (and/or his or her parent or authorized guardian, as applicable), on his or her own behalf and on behalf of all of his or her executors, heirs, administrators, conservators, parents, next-of-kin, and estate, and their respective representatives, successors, and assigns (the Student and such other parties collectively, the “Student Parties”), acknowledges and agrees as follows:

      1. that boating is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury to person and property associated with it, and that such damage and injury or the nature, scope, and extent thereof may not be known, foreseeable, or avoidable, and may arise from natural causes such as wind, rain and extreme weather conditions, may arise due to the actions of other boaters or sailors, may result from equipment failure or from defects in the condition of the marina from which sailing activities take place and may also result from mistakes made by others,
      2. that the Student is participating in Edgewood Activities at his or her own risk,
      3. that neither ESS nor any of its instructors, employees, agents, representatives, volunteers, students, officials, officers, or directors, nor EYC nor any of its employees, agents, representatives, members, volunteers, officials, officers, or governors (collectively the “Edgewood Parties”) is or will be liable, responsible, or obligated for any claims, demands, suits, actions, costs, expenses, losses, injuries, disability, death, or damages to any of the Student Parties, or to any other person, or for any claims, demands, suits, actions, costs, expenses, losses, or damages to any vessel (including any Student Vessel, as defined below) or to any real or personal property, in each case in any way arising out of, relating to, or connected with (i) the Student’s participation (and to any Student Vessel’s participation) in the Edgewood Activities or (ii) any other use or occupancy of any of the premises, facilities, properties, or equipment of any of the Edgewood Parties by the Student or any Student Vessel, in each case even if the claims, demands, suits, actions, costs, expenses, losses, injuries, disability, death, or damages are caused in whole or in any part by any of the Edgewood Parties or by a defect in any of the premises, facilities, properties, or equipment of the Edgewood Parties (collectively, the “Potential Claims”),
      4. that the Student and the Student Parties waive, release, and discharge all Potential Claims and will indemnify and defend the Edgewood Parties and hold them harmless from all Potential Claims, and
      5. that the Student and the Student Parties waive and release any right of subrogation that any insurer of the Student Parties or of any Student Vessel may have against any of the Edgewood Parties on account of Potential Claims or any payment or satisfaction by such insurer of Potential Claims.
    2. Student Vessels.1 By signing below, if at any time the Student brings to ESS or EYC or uses in any Edgewood Activities any vessel not owned by ESS (a “Student Vessel”), the Student (and/or his or her parent or authorized guardian, as applicable) represents and warrants that (a) he or she has all liability and casualty insurance for the Student and for the Student Vessel that any Student Parties may find necessary and appropriate, and that the Student Parties do not intend to rely on any of the Edgewood Parties to provide or maintain any insurance coverage, and that none of the Student Parties shall make any claim, and hereby waive any claim, against any Edgewood Parties and against any insurers of or insurance policies held by any of the Edgewood Parties, in connection with any loss or damage to, by, or in connection with the Student Vessel, whether or not any of the Edgewood Parties are in command or control of, or otherwise participating in or supervising or instructing the operation of, the Student Vessel, and (b) that he or she has taken all necessary steps to ensure that himself or herself, his or her crew and passengers, and the Student Vessel are adequately prepared for all possible contingencies, including appropriate safety equipment as may be required by law or that a prudent seaman would consider advisable.

    1 The reference to Student Vessels in this document does not provide any student or other person with any right or privilege to use or store any vessel at EYC premises, and any permission for such use or storage may be granted or denied, and the terms and conditions of any permission shall be determined, in the sole and absolute discretion of EYC. Any Student Vessel shall be subject to the terms of this document whether or not the details of such vessel are provided on the specified lines of this document.

  6. I hereby authorize the Edgewood Sailing School to arrange for any medical treatment that may be deemed advisable should an emergency arise. It is understood that a conscientious effort will be made to contact the above-mentioned student’s parents or emergency contact person at the phone number listed above and/or in the Registration Form, before any medical action is taken.

Photo Permission (optional)

☐ I hereby give permission to Edgewood Sailing School to use my photographic likeness in lawful digital and print media publication, including at and on the Facebook page for the Edgewood Sailing School.

Student name


Student signature and date (for students 18+)



We accept credit cards (through Sprite), checks and cash. Adult program tuition and Fees are due, in full, no later than the first meeting.

Refunds are not available.

Edgewood Sailing School has an “alcohol and water don’t mix” policy. Operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol creates an unnecessary additional risk that ESS will not tolerate. No use of alcohol prior to or during any ESS session or while operating or otherwise on board any ESS boat is permitted under any circumstances. No one who appears intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled or illegal substance will be allowed on board any ESS vessel at any time. By participating in ESS boating activities, all participants agree to this policy. We thank you for your cooperation in maintaining as safe and enjoyable an environment as possible.

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