nbya FRAC2012 - winter sailors race at Edgewood - march 4, 2012

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Edgewood has revived the Narragansett Bay Frostbite open regatta, and will host this year's event Sunday March 4.  

Entry invitations have gone out to clubs that sail through ice and snow  (even though not so much ice this year).  Each club's being encouraged to come join Edgewood's Frozen Few for a fun morning of racing in this year's event Narragansett Bay Yachting Association - Edgewood Frostbite Regatta (open to All Classes): FRAC 2012.  

Enrollment is completely open to all winter sailors.  (No entry fee!). Preparations are afoot to provide racing for Sunfish, Lasers, and the other classes of small boats that sail in this amazing winter tradition.

The "FRAC", as it's called, comes in the middle of clubs' spring series; but even so, it's a chance to put lots of boats on the course, and to share winter-sailing stories with folks from around the Bay.

Contact:  Bill Grenga
(401) 349-4539
(401) 595-6099


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