Frozen Folk get Help From New England Sunfish Friends

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Edgewood's "frozen" sailors have friends -

That's the conclusion we reached as we stood in a pile of borrowed Sunfish sails, lines and daggerboards.

Edgewood's winter sailors, the "Frozen Few" needed to keep racing their Sunfish - not so easy, when the sails, the boards, the rudders and all the lines got burned up.

So when the call from Frozen Skippers went out, the reply was quick and generous: "borrowed rigs" from friendsour folks have collected a dozen borrowed rigs (sails, masts, booms, and sheets) 20 daggerboards, a dozen rudders, loan of a chase boat for running the races, invitation to change clothes and store gear inside from Port Edgewood, absolutely startling support on re-building from Laser Performance Rhode Island (in Bristol), great help from Intensity Sails (in Cranston), tolerance for the Frozen Folk bumping through the carpentry and re-shuffling that the EYC Steward and crews are up to, and -- and this is to be emphasized -- good wishes and "what can I do for the Club?" from the many folks who know, and who are affectionate toward, Edgewood Yacht Club.  Check the website for a list of friends and a summary of what's arrived.


     Thank you "grace" committee!

          from the Frozen Few

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