Boats come ashore this weekend - call for ESS Mariner Volunteers

Bringing the Fleet ashore -

The revised schedule is to take down masts on Friday at noon, then hoist out the boats early Saturday.  After the boats are out and back to Edgewood, we'll start on the list repairs and maintenance. Projects can use a dozen people - no heavy lifting; but lots of ropes to control and things to stash and stack..  Each project needs a dozen sailors in the crew  



Friday Oct1 - pull out the spars at noon

  •            FRI 12m - 2pm - crew brings Rhodes to dock, un-step spars, remove equipment & tie up at dock for overnight. [register for Friday]



Saturday Oct2 - hoist the boats to trailers, bring trailers and boats back home, begin winter maintenance

  •           SAT - 8am - 10am - at Port Edgewood, not at Edgewood Yacht Club.  Hoisting boats onto trailers [register for hoisting the boats]
  •            SAT - 10am - noon - at Edgewood Yacht Club.  Secure boats on trailers, tow home, begin Winter Maintenance/Repairs [register for doing repair/maint work this week]
  •            SAT - pre-dawn - - help with a Saturday pre-dawn task of rounding up the boats at our dock, towing them over to Port Edgewood.  Pre-dawn crew meets at 6:30am, then stays in action for the hoist at 800-noon. [register for pre-dawn roundup]
  •         SAT - noon lunch/pizza at noon [no "registration" required]

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