General Information About Edgewood Sailing School

Safety At Edgewood Sailing School

The Edgewood Sailing School is dedicated to ensuring the safety of student sailors during their participation in sailing classes.

When exercising general supervision, our instructors are immediately accessible to participants. They are constantly alert for deviations from normal procedures, potentially hazardous conditions and are able to react accordingly. If an instructor has to divert attention from the overall supervision of a class, to make a rescue, administer first aid, or to affect a repair, another instructor will watch the class. Our supervision will not be left to chance. Our instructors rehearse emergency procedures do’s and don’ts. All are CPR and first aid trained.

Our staff takes great care in selecting the appropriate activity for a class on a given day. In addition to taking into account the level of skill and ability, size and age of the students, they consider criteria such as weather and other potential hazards when deciding how to conduct a class.

The weather directly affects the safety of the sailor. Our instructors understand the weather and local environmental conditions. We monitor a weather radio and receive periodic reports through the Internet. Once bad weather is predicted, the staff acts conservatively and plans alternate activities to keep a class on shore.

Swim Test

As a safety measure, all students in the Youth program are required within the first week of class to take a swim test. One of the yacht club’s members has graciously offered the use of a private pool within walking distance of the school. The Youth Program sailors will be asked to swim for approximately fifty (50) yards and to tread water for one (1) minute. Please make sure your child has a towel and change of clothes on that day.  Each Adult/Community student must certify to having swimming ability at this minimum level.


Personal flotation devices (lifejackets) must be worn at all times when on or near the water. Lifejackets need to be properly identified with the owner’s name and should be inspected regularly to insure that it is in good functioning condition (no missing straps, torn zippers, exposed or waterlogged flotation). If a lifejacket is unsafe or of questionable value, it must be discarded and replaced immediately. A whistle on a lanyard should also be attached.


Shoes that cover toes and encircle the foot must be worn at all times. This includes land activities as well as on the water work and involves everyone – students, instructors, aides and program administration.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Lunch (for full day classes)


Youth Program Director
          David Sylvestre
Youth Program Registrar
          Rhiana Jacques
Adult/Community Program Director
          Jonathan Howard 

Edgewood Sailing School Board of Directors

James Fraser
Vice President
George Shuster, Jr.
Stephanie Van Patten
Sarah Kales Lee

Board Members

  • Bill Grenga [Emeritus]
  • Andrew  Belcher
  • Donna Fraser
  • James Fraser
  • Marlene Kirshenbaum
  • Chris Lee
  • Sarah Kales Lee
  • Meredith Pearson
  • George Shuster, Jr.
  • H. Curtis Spalding
  • Patrice Milos Spalding
  • Katerina Stepanova
  • Stephanie VanPatten

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