Edgewood Yacht Club

The Edgewood Sailing School is located on the historic campus of the Edgewood Yacht Club, in the Edgewood section of Cranston, RI.

Beyond being "home" for our sailing school, the Edgewood Yacht Club manages a marina, has an active social membership, and access to unique sailing and sail-training venue.  Because of the fire in January 2011 and resulting loss of the Clubhouse, Edgewood Yacht Club has made a number of temporary accommodations.  The Sailing School has heated/airconditioned temporary classroom space (in the new building shared with Brown Univerisity Sailing Team and Edgewood Yacht Club), as well as charming social facilities in the all-weather pavilion tent the Club has erected.  All the new areas are secure and well lighted. There are showers, bathrooms, laundry and storage facilities.  All of which allows the Sailing School to conduct all the usual in-door as well as outside activies.

Each year, many Sailing School students take advantage of the welcome and special invitation to become Edgewood Yacht Club members. However, membership in Edgewood Yacht Club is not a requirement to participate in the activities and classes of the Edgewood Sailing School.

For more information about EYC Membership, activities, and facilities, visit the Edgewood Yacht Club web site.

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